A jewel of a city within the city
Embrace the art of smart green living.
Give high-end living a whole new identity. Your own.
Belong to a neighborhood for global citizens with amenities around the corner.
Witness an urban vow of heritage and modernity
A jewel of a city within the city

The spirited streets and grand avenues of Beirut, as ever lively. Tradition and innovation blend at every corner; designer boutiques nestled between vibrant markets; avant-garde architecture taking shape and breathing Heritage. This combination of the city's past incarnations with its modern face was the starting point for District //S, the award-winning residential development of 22 modules ranging from three to seven stories in the heart of the Solidere area. It is really a microcosm of the metropole that surrounds it.

Home of the global citizen, District //S, a 13,200 sqm site in the historic center of Beirut, offers an opulent neighborhood experience with fully- serviced townhouses, penthouses, apartments and studios within walking distance of restaurants, art galleries, health and lifestyle facilities, green areas and luxury boutiques.


The Historic Centre of Beirut has a rich heritage reflected in its varying style of architecture. The new blends naturally with the old, contributing to the vibrant urban grain.

Traditional & Modern

The architecture of District //S is a modern interpretation of several aspects of Beirut's traditional architecture. With site-specific solutions, the urban plans take different aspects of local culture into consideration, translated in the design and interconnectivity of the buildings. It responds to the topography and the climate recreating stone balconies, raised gardens, arcades and loggias decorated with a superb skyline.

Initiatives & Awards
Recyclable Content

District //S will be a certified green neighborhood. In this aim, building material employs recyclable content and technologically developed eco-friendly systems with an emphasis on energy saving, in order to guarantee the LEED certification for neighborhood development (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Sustainable Living

District //S embraces a main public garden and a series of elevated and roof gardens, and promotes an environmentally responsible attitude. This comes in the form of internal pedestrian alleys, installed biking racks and preferred parking spots for hybrid and electric cars. The result is a remarkably reduced carbon footprint within the city.

Global Recognition

The Urban Design Group's Francis Tibbalds Prize for Best Practice Project was awarded to architects Allies and Morrison for their work on District //S against world class competition from the Olympic Village at Stratford and the Leicester Square redesign in Central London.

District //S is also the winner of two awards of the 2014 Real Estates Awards Lebanon for the most Eco-friendly and Sustainable Project as well as the Leading Design and Architecture. The ceremony was organized by The Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (R.E.A.L.).

The Apartments

Two, three or four bedroom apartments vary in size between 185 sqm and 525 sqm, located on five floors of 17 buildings.

The Penthouses

Adorning the skyline and completing the urban picturesque design of District //S are the eight penthouses that rise above the estate. Each penthouse has its own spectacular view and character. Ranging from 540 sqm to 945 sqm, these jewels boast generous terraces with private swimming pools on the rooftops of adjacent buildings.

The Townhouses

The four townhouses are independent homes with their own rooftop gardens located above the retail spaces. With high ceilings and private access, the townhouses are crafted with signature interiors.

The Studios

Varying in size between 70 sqm and 160 sqm, the fully serviced 18 one or two bedroom units are smartly designed. They come with a choice of four interior designs ranging across variable moods; all four choices follow contemporary design patterns differentiated with various high grade elements: Burma Teak (Chalet Chic), Resin (New World), Carrara Marble (Continental) and fair-faced concrete (Pacific).

The Apartments
The Penthouses
The Townhouses
The Studios
The walk-through

Providing the spirit of a true community and a rich mix of different outdoor experiences, District //S offers 43 retail units of 50 sqm to 820 sqm neatly arranged to create a series of alleys around the residential buildings. Special attention has been given to public and private outdoor spaces, and how these spaces are linked together. The project is organized around three main open spaces: two courtyards and a piazza, linked by lanes and thresholds filled with retail shops.

pedestrian areas with
fashionable boutiques

District //S holds 10,000 sqm of retail space on the ground and 1st basement floors linked through pedestrian walkways and landscaped gardens. The street life effect created by the cafés, restaurants, galleries, and fashion boutiques is enriched by artwork, a cultural center, and a series of "Magasins de quartier" from grocers to newsstands and amenities for children.

Retail Area General View
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